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Price per person in Euros and in groups of:
* Season: All  year
* Scheduled days: Available Daily. (subject to availability)
* Departure time: From 9am or choose your ideal departure time.
* Duration: Approx. 3 hours
* Pick up point: From the town hall in Cadiz city and Cadiz cruise port.
* Return point:
Town hall of Cadiz city
* Included: 3 Tapas and 3 drinks and private local guide
* Not included:
Gratuities and all other expenses.

Private Cadiz cultural and gastronomic tour

On this half day tour, why not try the traditional tasty Tapas in the historical centre of Cadiz
Cadiz is the oldest City in western Europe. Discovered by the Phoenicians nearly three thousand years ago, Cadiz has been fought over, conquered and settled upon by many different civilizations and introducing their cultures making Cadiz an important region throughout its history. The food, the culture, and the traditions introduced makes for an unusual mix, from the Romans to the Greeks, the Arabs, Jews and finally to the Catholics who all have left the most   distinctive mark here.
We will walk around this ancient city admiring the sights of the Cathedral of Cádiz, San Sebastian and Santa Catalina castles.

The gastronomic tour will include 3 different Tapa bars, where you will be able to taste the distinctive and exquisite flavors of what makes our cuisine so special, and of course, to top it all off our delicious local wines.

Cadiz private walking tours and cruise day trips.

Tapas and private local guide included

  Cadiz private gastronomic and cultural tour

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Information about  Cadiz

Important Notes:
-Guests must be in reasonable physical condition
-Guests must be able to walk approximately 1 mile (approximately 2 hours) over some cobblestone surfaces.
Cadiz is wheelchair accessible. (Please contact us regarding special needs)
What to Wear:
Warm (winter) and Light clothing (summer) ,a hat and comfortable walking shoes are strongly recommended.
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The city of Cadiz is situated on a peninsula pushing itself out into the bay of Cadiz. It is nearly almost completely surrounded by water. Named after the Phoencians Gadir, who founded Cadiz as a trading post during 1100 BC. It was later controlled by the Carthaginians, and the became a thriving Roman port. During the Visigoths and Moors, It sank into oblivion, but then attained great splendour in the early part of the 16th century as a maritime port for the journey to the newly founded lands of America.
Sir Francis Drake of England, raided this important area in the struggle to gain complete control of  this trade route to the New World, and withstood a fierce siege by Napoleon's army.

During the early part of the 19th century, Cadiz became the centre and bastion of Spain's anti-monarchist  liberal movement,and as a result, the Spain's first Constitution was declared here in 1812.